Hope in the struggle

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011 3:00 pm

I came to MFSA in the beginning of 2009–not too long after a difficult General Conference–in the midst of a campaign to pass a package of constitutional amendments that would restructure our denomination, moving us toward becoming a more equitable (less US-centric) church.  Having just returned from serving in the German UMC, I was grateful to find myself among people passionate about helping our church to do better, beginning the long process of bringing our structure up to speed with the global nature of our church.  As word came that those and other justice-making amendments were being defeated, I realized I had a decision to make: accept the apparent immovability of the UMC, or commit to a movement of hopeful struggle.
It has not been easy, but two years later, I cannot express how grateful
I am for the invitation to be a part of the struggle.  From the OnFire justice immersion trip to the US/Mexico border, to a Hate Crimes Symposium in New York City, from the Global Young People's Convocation in Berlin, Germany, to the beginnings of an MFSA chapter in the Mississippi Annual Conference, I have met United Methodists committed to the vision of a healed, renewed and fully inclusive church.  As I prepare to begin seminary at the Boston University School of Theology, seeking ordination as elder in the Baltimore-Washington Conference, I am so glad to have found many lifelong partners in the struggle for justice through the Methodist Federation for Social Action.  I don't know where ministry will take me, but I know MFSA will be there–a voice of hope to and for the UMC.

Jennifer Mihok is the Outreach and Communications Coordinator at MFSA and served previously as a mission intern.


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