MFSA: Creative Engagement

Saturday, April 30th, 2011 9:00 am

by Adrienne Trevathan

I was thinking today about what I appreciate about MFSA. It isn’t that I can tell you the history of the organization from the first day to the way it exists now. It isn’t because this is an organization that is a parrot of my own theology, and that I therefore find it to be the best way to approach faith. I appreciate MFSA because it speaks against a Christianity that has little to nothing to do with engaging faith in creative and real ways.

One of the ways that MFSA is encouraging Christians to act is through the “Sing A New Song” conference with MOSAIC in August (you can register at In a recent blog post, one of our MOSAIC leaders critiqued the often-heard logic that hearing the voice of a minority—struggling with issues of inclusion and equality—can be somehow “stalling” the work of the church; that these issues are causing inconvenience for the church as a whole. After all, don’t we have better things to do?

But what else is there to do but to work for justice, hear the oppressed and try to give voice? What else is there? The reality in which progressive Christians find ourselves today is that, in all our actions, we must learn to get past the things which we find to be inconvenient or uncomfortable. If we’re trying to offer something legitimate, then we can only find our strength and authenticity in community. This happens even in “partnering” with other organizations. Conferences like “Sing a New Song” will give progressive Christians a new language to articulate their faith, new people with whom to share their lives, and create a space for transformation. It is no small thing.

Whether you’ve only heard a little about MFSA, or if you know of a similar organization, find a way to get involved. You will do more than you can possibly know.

Adrienne is the Director of Christian Education at Northminster Presbyterian Church in Evanston, IL. A certified deacon candidate, Adrienne is also a regular blog contributor and leader for MOSAIC, RMN's young adult network.


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