Security and Economy

The security of both Israelis and Palestinians depends upon a peaceful coexistence of two historic populations that includes justice and self-rule for both groups. The human and civil rights of both groups must be respected. The US aid to Israel that has allowed its government to occupy the land and often mistreat the indigenous population of Palestinians must be seen as the larger threat to security than the terrorist responses of a few oppressed Palestinians. Israel is the largest recipient of US foreign aid, receiving more than $6 billion annually—or about $8 million every day. While this allows Israel to have a standard of living comparable to the US, its long-term economy and that of the Palestinians depends upon peace and mutual trade agreements.

Jewish Peace Fellowship – The Jewish Peach Fellowship strongly supports Israel’s security and at the same time recognizes the right of Palestinians to their own country. They provide news and information about violence and injustice and seek social justice.
Rabbis for Human Rights– Established in 1988 in response to abuses of human rights by the Israeli military authorities in the suppression of the Intifada, RHR is an organization of some 90 ordained rabbis that seeks to give voice to the Jewish tradition of human rights, both in Israel and the territories. RHR has helped numerous individuals, publicized causes, engaged in civil disobedience, lobbied the Knesset and participated in a landmark high court case limiting the scope of the army to abuse human rights under the guise of security. RHR is the rabbinic voice of conscience in Israel.
Middle East Council of Churches- The MECC is a meeting place for the indigenous churches of the Middle East region and a facilitator of their common response to mutual needs. MECC has coordinated programs of service to Palestinian Refugees, emergency relief, rehabilitation and reconstruction in Lebanon and ecumenical relief services in response to the Gulf War.
Applied Research Institute Jerusalem- Founded in 1990, ARIJ, promotes sustainable development in the occupied Palestinian territories and the self-reliance of its people through greater control over natural resources. Their web site provides facts and information on the politically induced changes to Palestine’s land and natural resources resulting from the occupation. This includes land expropriation, house demolitions, uprooting of trees, stone quarrying, water allocation and sewage disposal.
MIFTAH- Miftah is a Palestinian, Jerusalem-based, independent institution committed to fostering the principles of democracy and effective dialogue based on the free and candid exchange of information and ideas. Established in January 1999, Miftah's underlying premise is the integration of several processes: Palestinian nation-building and empowerment on the basis of the principles of democracy, human rights, rule of law, and participatory governance; international reconciliation and cooperation; the gathering and dissemination of information and the active participation in the global dialogue as an equal partner.

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