Ending Global Poverty: A Matter of the Heart

"Whats on your heart?" asks Jubilee USA, an alliance of 75 religious denominations, human rights, labor, environment and development organizations, that advocates for poor-country debt cancellation and more responsible lending policies of international financial institutions.  Jubilee’s new "Whats on Your Heart?" campaign asks you to write to Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and share with him the issues on your heart about debt and economic justice.

This is a great way for United Methodists to address the issue of global poverty, which appears repeatedly throughout the Book of Resolutions. One of the most imposing barriers to global poverty’s eradication is the debt poor countries must service to repay wealthy nations. World Bank and International Monetary Fund remedies, such as devaluing currencies and curbing government price subsidies, have resulted in the burden of debt repayment being squarely on the shoulders of poor and working people.

Here are three ways to help Jubilee encourage Treasury Secretary Geithner by letting him know whats on your heart.

1.  Do it yourself: Make a heart telling the treasury secretary "Whats On Your Heart" about economic justice in your own words.  Sign it with your name, address, phone number and e-mail address. Mail your heart to: Jubilee USA Network, 212 E. Capitol St. NE, Washington, DC 20003.

2.  Order postcards from
carly@jubileeusa.org or at (202) 546-4470 to share with your community.

3.  Send a message online by clicking here.

Jubilee will deliver all messages to Treasury Sec. Geithner in February. Deadline to receive postcards is Feb. 10, but best to get them ASAP.  Encourage everyone you know to tell Treasury Sec. Geithner what’s on their heart. Jubilee suggests hosting a heart-making party or setting up a table at your school, or place of worship. For more ideas or to learn more about the campaign, contact Jubilee USA at (202) 546-4470 or carly@jubileeusa.org. “What’s on Your Heart?” is a way you can urge Sec. Geithner to support debt cancellation and other policies that alleviate the impact of the economic crisis on poor people in developing countries.


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