Nonviolence Training

Over the past century, MFSA has made a commitment to being a witness for justice and peace. One area where we have renewed our efforts is in the area of Peace, specifically nonviolence.

MFSA is a partner in Creating A Culture of Peace (CCP), a nonviolence training program for personal and social change.

About Creating A Culture of Peace (CCP): The innovative design of this national training program provides a holistic and practical foundation in spiritually-grounded active nonviolence. Participants come to recognize their own power for making personal and social changes without violence and improve their skills for respectful engagement with opponents, instead of confrontation that polarizes and demonizes.  Unlike trainings that focus only on anti-war protest, Creating a Culture of Peace training is an incubator for participants to raise issues which most concern them — group controversy and conflict, neighborhood violence, domestic violence, climate change, war and militarism, discrimination, video games, homelessness, peace education, and lack of health care.

The training is highly participatory and does not depend on reading a book or lectures.  It draws upon the wisdom, experience and talents of all the participants and on the skills and knowledge of trainers. CCP offers training on nonviolence principles, analysis of social change and community-building, skills for peacemaking and resources.   Every group chooses and plans concrete projects for change.

Creating a Culture of Peace is offered in communities across the country and at Kirkridge Retreat and Study Center in Bangor, Pennsylvania, where the CCP national office is located. Janet Chisholm, who established and coordinates CCP, refers trainers and provides resources, materials, and consultation for community groups and the teams of trainers.

To schedule a workshop contact Janet at or 610-588-1793. You can also email the National MFSA office at to find out about specific United Methodist and/or MFSA training events. Read more about the program at You can also click here to download a pdf of the Creating a Culture of Peace Brochure.



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