A Call for Immigrant Rights:

From the National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (NNIRR):

While these are indeed exciting and hopeful times, our world, it seems, is under siege everywhere. As we prepare for the new Obama Administration, we already know that change will not come easy. If we want to see any real change in immigration policy, we will have to organize and make our voices heard.

In January, outgoing Attorney General Michael Mukasey issued a new ruling that further guts the right of immigrants to legal representation. In response to this and other concerns, NNIRR issued an open letter to President Obama, demanding that he support the human rights, safety and well-being of immigrant communities.

We will continue to call on the new Administration to end the cycle of punishment and abuse against immigrant communities, by stopping raids and suspending detentions and deportations.

We will also ask him to:

  • Support a legalization program without burdensome barriers for immigrant workers and their families
  • Uphold family reunification as a core principle for U.S. immigration policy
  • Restore and preserve due process rights, to ensure equality before the law for all persons, regardless of immigration or citizenship status
  • End the criminalization of immigrants, including problematic employment verification requirements, local police collaboration in immigration enforcement, and indefinite and mandatory detention
  • Roll back and end the militarization at the U.S. and Mexico border

We are and can be a more powerful voice for progressive change in U.S. immigration policy, ushering in a new era of rights and justice for immigrant and refugee communities. Spread the word!

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