MtM Speech-Bubble: links to a black & white PDFEven as we celebrate strides toward marriage equality, MFSA, in cooperation with Transgender Law Center, invites constituents and friends to name and address other facets of discrimination that affect LGBT people. The "More than Marriage" campaign will raise awareness around other facets of discrimination that affect LGBT people socially and especially economically. For example, losing employment while transitioning between gender identities is a real threat to transgendered individuals, yet a less publicized challenge.

Through digital media, a picture is not only worth a thousand words but can travel to thousands of places and speak to thousands of people. In this campaign, MFSA will combine your goals for justice & inclusion with your faces as you stand for a just, humane society in your work-places and neighborhoods. So, give voice to the Rights that belong to everyone by writing your #morethanmarriage ideal inside the printable speech-bubble [right] and submitting (and sharing) a photograph of yourself holding the speech-bubble [click here or on the image]

Chett holds his #morethanmarriage ideal to share with the camera.

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