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Do you want to educate your chapter or small group on Social Justice issues? We have made available our collection of documentary videos and other materials for borrowing! All that we ask in return is $5 per item in order to pay for shipping costs.

If you are interested in borrowing one of the items in our collection, please email


DVDs Available: 

  • "Searching for Peace in the Middle East" by Landrum Bolling (2006)

"This 30 minute film, sponsored by the Foundation for Middle East Peace, is a vivid, compassionate portrayal of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Through the voices of Israeli and Palestinian citizens of diverse backgrounds, it reveals their hopes and fears and explores the issues that divide them. It also describes in a compelling way a broad common ground of yearning for peace, pointing the way toward a resolution of this tragic conflict that would meet the deepest needs of both societies." - Foundation for Middle East Peace





  • "Darfur: A 21st Century Genocide" by Million Voices For Darfur (2006)

"Hosted by Reverend Gloria White-Hammond, chairwoman of the Million voices for Darfur campaign, this program tells of the magnitude and horror of the genocide that is presently occurring in the Darfur region of Sudan. Several individuals tell of their experiences in Darfur. Several other people tell of their efforts to do something to end the genocide and suggest how the viewer might help." -Stanford University Library


  • "Made in L.A." by Almudena Carracedo (2007)

"Made in L.A. follows the remarkable story of three Latina immigrants working in Los Angeles garment sweatshops as they embark on a three-year odyssey to win basic labor protections from trendy clothing retailer Forever 21. In intimate observational style, Made in L.A.reveals the impact of the struggle on each woman’s life as they are gradually transformed by the experience. Compelling, humorous, deeply human, Made in L.A. is a story about immigration, the power of unity, and the courage it takes to find your voice" – DVD Jacket







  • "Kids as Peacemakers" by The Dove Campaign of Greater Newburyport Massachusetts

"Kids as Peacemakers" provides information about the Kids as Peacemakers Mural Program. Narrated by award-winning ABC journalist Jay Schadler.


  • "Protecting Voting Rights: Renew the VRA" by The Leadership Conference on Civil Rights(2005)

"The Voting Rights Act is designed to ensure that every American has the right to vote 'with no ifs, ands or buts.' But the battle for equal opportunity is not yet over. This two-disc set contains a multimedia CD-ROM disc for playback on PC or Mac computers and a DVD for playback on home DVD players. On these discs you will find:

Background about the Voting Rights Act.

President Lyndon Baines Johnson's American Promise Speech urging passage of the Voting Rights Act.

Congressman John Lewis' recollections about non-violent protests that helped ensure the passage of the Voting Rights Act.

Recent voting rights cases from Texas, South Carolina and South Dakota.

More resources and information for people who wish to ensure the renewal of the Voting Rights Act." – DVD Jacket


  • "Children of the Nakba" by the Mennonite Central Committee (2005)

"For Palestinians, the events between 1947 and 1949 are remembered as a time when Israeli military forces destroyed over 500 Palestinian villages and expelled between 700,000 and 900,000 Palestinians from their lands — about 85 percent of the Palestinian population at that time. These refugees have lived exiled from their land since then.Today Palestinians represent one-third of the global refugee and internally displaced population. Learn about the Palestinians, who call these events the Nakba, an Arabic word meaning catastrophe.This DVD includes "Dividing Wall" and "Walking the Path Jesus Walked," a slide show and more." - DVD Jacket




  • "Peacemaker in Sudan" by Pam Pam Gaddies

"Is peace in Sudan's Reach? This is a documentary about the war in Sudan; the economic, environmental, and health disparities and the displacement camps." – DVD Jacket


  • "Peacemakers 4 Life" by Pam Pam Gaddies

"Peacemakers 4 Life is a movie reflecting hope through survivors' testimonies of the cycles of social and domestic violence, drug addiction, gambling, and prostitution. Peacemakers 4 Life is a documentary about peacemaking on the streets of the Southeast sector of San Francisco. Because the Peacemakers believe in building self-sustaining communities, they do not solicit City funds. 

The Peacemakers meet every Friday at 7:00 pm on the corner of Sunnydale and Hahn in Visitacion Valley. This corner is the borderline between 'up da hill' and 'down da hill' gangs. Twenty-five years ago at the height of the drug wars, the corner was called 'Dodge City' where thousands of young black men died by gun violence, contributed to by drug dealing and gambling.

Well, it's going to take a village of peacemakers to begin the healing of the children of Jah!" – DVD Jacket


  • "Forged by Fire" by The General Board Of Church And Society (UMC) (2005)

"Forged by Fire intends to inspire, educate and evoke collective stories. Forged by Fire is a spiritual exercise in speaking justice to the powers tat threaten to extinguish God's hope in human history. Forged by Fire seeks to move beyond endurance to consider how their integration in life today sustains unity, community and hope.

Forged by Fire is the perfect resource for discovering God's work in the lives of ordinary Christians through their extraordinary stories. This 45 minute DVD comes with a discussion guide, perfect for your Sunday school class or small group." – DVD Jacket






  • "United Methodist Seminars on National and International Affairs" by The General Board of Church and Society (UMC) 

"Everyone is welcome to the seminar program! Groups can be United Methodist or ecumenical. Seminars are great for any age group, from high school youth to adults. You pick the topic and we'll design a seminar to answer questions, challenge assumptions, and open up a group to reflection.

Seminars are designed to educate and motivate youth and adults to integrate their faith and social justice issues, as well as understand the responsibility of Christian citizenship. Seminars assist participants in understanding and challenging the structures that deny dignity to God's creation and offer tools with which to make changes.

Seminars are offered at the United Methodist Building, next door to the Supreme Court and directly across the street from the U.S. Capitol. In addition, seminar groups spend time learning with communities that connect participants to their seminar topic of choice." – DVD Jacket


  • "Renewal or Ruin? The Institute on Religion and Democracy's Attack on the United Methodist Church" by Talk to Action

"Since its beginning in 1982, the Institute on Religion and Democracy has continuously undermined the United Methodist Church and other mainline Protestant denominations by attacking the character of church leaders. This organization, funded by some of the world's most powerful foundations, undermines the witness of the church by fueling controversy to its own benefit." – DVD Jacket


  • "Outlawed: Extraordinary Rendition, Torture and Disappearances in the 'War on Terror'" by Witness (2006)

"Outlawed… tells the harrowing stories of Khaled El-Masri and Binyam Mohamed, two men who have survived extraordinary rendition, secret detention, and torture by the U.S. government working with various other governments worldwide. Outlawed features relevant commentary from Louise Arbour, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, US President George W. Bush, Michael Scheuer, the chief architect of the rendition program and former head of the Osama Bin Laden unit at the CIA, and Condoleezza Rice, the US Secretary of State. Outlawed places the post-9/11 phenomenon of renditions and the "war on terror" in a human rights context for use on a global level in advocacy, education, and mobilization." – DVD Jacket






  • "Voices of Faith: A Conference for Progressive United Methodists" by the Methodist Federation for Social Action [7 DVD set] (2007)

Voices of Faith was the April 2007 gathering for Progressives within the United Methodist Church. This DVD set covers the Opening and Closing Worships as well as all 5 plenary sessions. Talks include:

Rooted in Faith: Called to Action – Dr. Brian K. Blount

Worship and Biblical Engagement – Rev. Dr. Traci West

Organizing Progressive Methodists: Developing Leaders – Dr. Marshall Ganz

Christianity for the Rest of Us – Dr. Diana Butler Bass

Worship & Witness: Stepping Out & Stepping In – Bishop Minerva Carcano


  • "Sacred Space Denied: Bethlehem and The Wall" by Peter Nagle (2005)

"This film shows what the Settlements in the West Bank are really like. The wall is purported to be only for the purpose of security for Israel. However, its placement well inside the West bank to protect the Settlements instead confiscates Palestinian land unnecessarily and has a profoundly negative impact on the lives of people who have lived there for generations. Through personal stories of Palestinians living in the area and eyewitness accounts you will see for yourself what is happening. The people tell stories of having their homes and property destroyed and taken away, enduring decades-long separations from family and friends, and living day to day with the knowledge that they could lose their home, land, and livelihood at any time, with no recourse.You will also hear from people on both sides, Israeli and Palestinian, who simply want to live with human dignity; Israelis who believe that this wall will never ensure safety and security for Israel, but will only bring more conflict" – Friends of Bethlehem


  • "Early Women Bishops of The United Methodist Church" by Claremont School of Theology

"'Early Women Bishops of the United Methodist Church' was produced at Claremont School of Theology by Kathy Black, Jeanne Audrey Powers, Barbara Troxell in 2006. Bishops Leontine T.C. Kelly, Judith Craig, and Susan Morrison were the Ann Bennett/Nelle Morton lecturers that year and these videos are a result of multiple conversations during their time at CST." – Claremont School of Theology


Audio CDs Available

  • "And That's What's On My Mind: Dispatches From America's Culture Wars" by Barry W. Lynn, Executive Director of Americans United for Separation of Church and State (2000)


CD-ROMs Available

  • "Sharing Their Journeys in the United Methodist Church" – Reconciling United Methodists & Friends of N.C.
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