Because of your generosity, the Turn Up the Heat Campaign was a success! We exceeded our goal of $15,000 and raised enough funds to cover the Love Your Neighbor Coalition Coordinator's salary and expenses from July 1-September 30 - and we've received good news from funding partners that we can continue our work on the Coalition at least through October 1 of 2015!






Campaign Donors Through October 1
Affirmation: United Methodist for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Concerns
Chip Aldridge
Michael I. Alleman,
Logan Alley and TC Morrow
Adelaide Amman
Carol Berman
William Allen Bingham
B.J. Birkhahn-Rommelfanger
Faith Buss
Joy Butler
Richard Capron
Jimmy Creech and Chris Weedy
Rowland and Janice Curry
Janine DeLaunay
Darlene Di Domineck
Thomas Douce
Kory Douglass
Carolyn and George Engelhardt
Anne and Bill Ewing
Harlan Graber
Barbara Goodman
Barb Gurtler
Youtha Hardman-Cromwell
Betty Henderson
Alison Hendley
John Hopkinson
David Hosey
Marion Hosey
Russell Husted
Linda Kastning
Mary T. Larson
Charles H. Lippy
Walter Lockhart
Wendell Luke
Maurice S. Luker
John Lurvey
Deborah Maria
Bishop Calvin D. and Velma McConnell
MFSA Chapter, North Carolina
MFSA Chapter, New England
MFSA Chapter, Central Texas
Nancy L. Miller
Lisa Mink
Bert Morris
Greg and Karen Nelson
Jenny Phillips
James Preston
Mark Richardson
Ben Roberts
Rex Romeiser
John Ryder
Hannah Senft
Ellen Shaner
Patricia A. Sheely
Lee M Shrader
Shannon Sullivan
Morris Taber
Mary Kay Totty
Cynthia Tuell
Rebecca Vardiman
Carole Vincent
Sally Watkins
Sally J. Weinland
Barb Werner
Ralph A. Williams
Vicki Woods
Linda Worthington
Laura and Kevin Young
Charlene Zuill

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23 East Adams Avenue, Detroit, MI 48226 * tel: 313.965.5422 ext. 121 *email: