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Update: Young Adult Scholarships for General Conference

Thursday, December 15th, 2011

As posted before, the Common Witness Coalition is offering 10 full scholarships to young adults looking to spend all 10 days volunteering to monitor legislation with the Common Witness Coalition. In addition, MFSA is offering 10 "matching" scholarships for young adults whose local congregation, MFSA Chapter, campus ministry, district or conference are willing to sponsor them for $1000 to help cover costs of General Conference. You can read more about these scholarship opportunities in our original post.

Thank you! to those who have already applied. For those who intend to but have not yet: GREAT NEWS! We are extending our application deadline to January 1!

So get those applications in – and don't forget to talk to your congregation/campus ministry/local MFSA chapter, etc. about the possibility of sponsoring you!

Young Adult Full Scholarship Application Process

Young Adult Matching Scholarship Application Process

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