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MISSION: to mobilize, lead and sustain a progressive United Methodist movement, energizing people to be agents of God’s justice, peace and reconciliation.

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News & Views

  • Music & Peace
    "But while we enjoy music as integral to our daily lives, it is not often that we consider our encounter with it as life changing. But that is precisely what happened to Tal Harris" […]
  • Learning to Love: First Time at West Virginia Day of Fairness
    "I lost sight of the appearance and forgot stereotypes and gender expectations and just saw her. The rest of the day was dramatically changed for me." […]
  • Does the Marginalization of LGBT People Hold The United Methodist Church Together?
    One of my favorite authors is Elizabeth Dodson Gray.  She uses the term “conceptual trap” to describe where we are and need to go as persons and as a church.  She says a conceptual trap is like being […]
  • Living Out Scripture: Who is my Neighbor?
    Who is my neighbor?  Not a question that hasn’t been asked before!  Earlier this month,  Munther Isaac’s presentation at the Christ at the Checkpoint conference in Bethlehem focused on this same quest […]
  • Mixed Messages
    The situations are similar: both are fathers with deep love for their children. Both have a long history of ministry – one in the local church and one in theological education. Both had complaints fil […]

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