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MISSION: to mobilize, lead and sustain a progressive United Methodist movement, energizing people to be agents of God’s justice, peace and reconciliation.

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News & Views

  • Marching: Selma and Beyond
    Just over a week ago, I saw the exciting news about the Presbyterian Church – USA. The domination ratified an amendment allowing their clergy to officiate same sex weddings. The next morning, headline […]
  • Having Faith: A Holy Week Reflection
      This is our story this week: Jesus sends his disciples on a very important mission. They are to go into the nearest village and procure a colt. I imagine they thought they might have a grander missi […]
  • Resource Review: Farewell to Manzanar
    When one hears the words Day of Remembrance, all kinds of thoughts might filter through your head. What about the internment of Japanese Americans in 1944?  Does that ring a bell? Feb 19th, this past […]
  • Putting On Ashes
      Putting on ashes is a practice that goes back dates to the very earliest writings of the Hebrew Bible: Job sat amongst the ashes and covered himself in them to show his sorrow before God; Abraham ex […]
  • A Visit to the House of “Representatives”
    When your boss tells you that as part of your job you get to attend your first House of Representatives hearing, I, of course, pumped my fists and began to plan my outfit and daydream about what an ad […]

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