MFSA honors Professor David Graybeal

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011 12:02 pm

For more than half a century, Dr. David Graybeal has taught and inspired thousands of students at Drew University. Since 1959, those in the Theological School and Caspersen School for Graduate Studies have taken the journey with him in his “Search for the Good Community,” a course that was designed to help students find and participate in the goodness of their own communities while helping them to discover the possibilities of the Good Community that is yet to come. During his tenure at Drew, Dr, Graybeal produced a number of videos probing the complexity of many social issues, from the work of the UN and NGOs, to the struggles in Puerto Rico, Central America and between the Israeli and Palestinian peoples. He was also responsible for developing classes that took his students to Puerto Rico to learn how the Church could be both the agent of problems and blessings within cultures; to United Methodist General Conference gatherings, so students could experience the struggles between politics and faithfulness; and, to the UN to wrestle with Middle East Peace Issues and discover how the Church could be in solidarity with oppressed people and help to give them voice.

On March 23-24, 2011, many current and former students, colleagues and friends gathered to celebrate Dave’s scholarship and dedication to Drew Theological School. At the conclusion of Thursday's Chapel Service, which was sponsored by Reconciling Ministries Network students, Dr. Graybeal was presented by MFSA’s National Office with “The Good Community Award” created in his honor. The award read, “Presented to Dr. David Graybeal for inspiring so many to search, work and help lay the foundation for the Good Community.”

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