Cooperation, Collaboration, Coalition

Monday, April 25th, 2011 3:00 pm

by Rev. Troy Plummer

Cooperation, collaboration, coalition… all come to my mind when I think of MFSA.  Kneeling in protest, praying in vigil, witnessing in worship…all come to my heart when I feel what MFSA has meant to my life.

At my first General Conference in Pittsburgh at a freezing early morning witness, I knelt between two MFSA veterans who had been on their knees in Pittsburgh 40 years earlier praying for the end of the segregated Central Jurisdiction of our denomination.  Those prayers, actions, strategies, engagements mattered and changed our church.  It is but one time in over 100 years of existence that MFSA has successfully challenged our church and our world and together we have been transformed.  I’m so thankful for those upon whose shoulders we stand, rise, and carry forward.

As a gay man, I can still be surprised by what happens to my heart when parents, friends, allies speak and act so boldly with intentional theological grounding in justice.  Not only does my heart swell but my eyes tear up as well.  I really can’t justify the surprise because the support is constant and strong.  Yet, still….and even as it feels so good my mind slips back into gear and can be overwhelmed by the many, many justice challenges.  So I rely on who I can trust.  I rely on thoughtful analysis.  I rely on Plumblines.  I rely on The Progressive Voice.  I rely on MFSA.

I rely on MFSA to keep my own faithful discipleship grounded with integrity.  I know I can’t focus only on my own advancement in our church and society and still be a person of justice.  I know that there is a system of “isms” out there that function together to separate allies from one another—allies against racism, sexism, heterosexism, and classism get wedged apart minimizing the voice for change.  MFSA connects the dots, reveals the systems at play, and challenges me to live out the Gospel wholly.   And I give up being overwhelmed, and imagine myself on my knees in the early morning cold surrounded by so many successful veterans for justice, and then I am able to breathe in God’s love overcoming death all over again.

As a member of MFSA with my mind, heart, and breath, thank you all of you!

Rev. Troy G. Plummer has served as the Executive Director for Reconciling Ministries Network since November 2003.


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