MFSA: A Challenge to ACT for JUSTICE

Thursday, April 28th, 2011 9:00 am

by Bishop Joe Wilson

Upon my retirement in 2000, I found many United Methodist Churches involved in mercy ministries.  However, there were fewer numbers who took seriously justice ministries.  Being a part of my local MSFA chapter, which meets in the United Methodist Church we attend, provides me many opportunities to express my Christian discipleship for the transformation of the world through ministries of justice and hope.

It has become much more than a monthly meeting designed to inform.  It has offered numerous opportunities to participate in issues related to immigration, death  penalty, human trafficking, gay and lesbian rights, as well as the support of the COB study and pastoral letter, "God's Renewed Creation".  If your Christian faith demands more than a "dollar in the plate" for mercy ministries, try MSFA, which will challenge you to ACT for JUSTICE in a world of care-less-ness.

Bishop Joe Wilson, retired United Methodist Bishop, currently serves as Bishop-in-Residence at Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas.


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