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Wednesday, August 17th, 2011 9:00 am

In only a week (9 days!!), Sing A New Song kicks off in Huron, Ohio. Are you ready!?

As excited as I am to gather, greet, celebrate, worship, learn, strategize and socialize with over 650 people that will be in attendance, I’m also excited to be in communication with those who will not be able to attend.

Why, you ask?

Because while many of us are gathered in Ohio, we will not have forgotten the many faithful people we have left behind in the many places we call “home.” So rather than just talk about you, we want to invite you to follow along. And let me tell you: there are countless ways to do so!

For starters, we at MFSA are going to be tweeting about great things we see, hear and do throughout the week. Not following us on Twitter? There’s no time like the present! Find us at @MFSAVoices – and look for the #sans2011! Feel free to follow along with the @SANS2011 account too for up-to-date information on what’s happening!

Of course, we can’t fit everything into 160 characters. So we’ll be blogging every day, too. Look for updated MFSA blogs every day of the conference on both MFSA and OnFire’s websites! Need a friendly reminder that we’ve updated our blogs? They’ll all be in one place on our Facebook page: so make sure you “Like” MFSAVoices to get these updates (and conversation about them!) all in one place!

If you’re really a tech guru and looking for as many live and up-to-date updates as you can find on the web, there really is only one place to find yourself: at On the Sing A New Song website, you’ll be able to find these twitter updates, links to blogs from various participants (including friends from all of our coalition partners!), browse through photos, read daily newsletters that will be uploaded each day – and even find a place to submit your own updates or announcements to be included in the next day’s publication!

Whether you can join us in person or are joining us in spirit through the gift of the internet, I look forward to connecting with you soon! Until then… I hope you've had a chance to download and browse through our SANS program book!

Safe travels and happy web browsing!

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