Peace has long been a priority of  MFSA.  As early as 1918, the Federation vigorously defended the rights of conscientious objectors during the First World War.  As recently as the past year, MFSA advocated and took action to end the US occupation of Iraq.   MFSA's understanding of peace includes a commitment to nonviolent action for justice.  To this end, MFSA offers nonviolence training through "Creating a Culture of Peace" workshops.  Other areas of focus at present include: ending the war in Iraq, opposing the death penalty and working for a just peace in Palestine and Israel.


  • MFSA offers non-violence training
  • JUSTPEACE Center for Mediation and Conflict Transformation is a mission of the United Methodist Church to engage conflict constructively in ways that strive for justice, reconciliation, resource preservation and restoration of community in and through the United Methodist Church and with the Church universal to the world in which we live.
  • Fellowship of Reconciliation (FOR) seeks to replace violence, war, racism, and economic injustice with nonviolence, peace, and justice. They are an interfaith organization committed to active nonviolence as a transforming way of life and as a means of radical change.

Ending the War in Afghanistan

  • United Methodist Bishops call for withdrawal from Afghanistan  Click on the link to read the open letter the bishops sent to the Obama Administration, and add your name to the petition.
  • Friends National Committee on Legislation  More troops won't bring peace: articles and resources advocating for the end of the war in Afghanistan.
  • American Friends Service Committee: Wage Peace Afghanistan  AFSC’s Afghanistan campaign works to take action to urge Congress and the Obama administration to completely withdraw U.S. troops from Afghanistan and end the war with a commitment to repair and reconstruction.  The campaign rests on a vision that ends our reliance on military action.  Focusing instead on diplomacy with all parties to the conflict in Afghanistan and in neighboring countries, transparent assistance to support the development of Afghan led civilian institutions, and a commitment to help repair after the damage from so many years of war.  These steps, if taken, can offer Afghans hope for a future with peace and security.
  • Rethinking Afghanistan  View the 6-part video documentary and other clips expressing the mutli-layered damage caused by the war in Afghanistan. 

Opposing the Death Penalty

A Just Peace in Israel/Palestine

SQB:  Special Edition on Middle East

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