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Concern for peace and justice in the Middle East has long been with us yet takes on new urgency with the events unfolding daily.

The United Methodist 2004 Book of Resolutions calls upon United Methodists individually, in their local churches and through their boards and agencies to seek a deeper understanding of the Middle East region and its people. In order to develop this understanding it is essential to have ongoing information that is fair, accurate and objective. Thanks to the internet, there is an enormous amount of information available, some of it that seeks to discern truth, and some that perpetuates old myths. It is the intent of MFSA to list web sites and email resources that provide background, current information and possible actions on the Middle-East that is fair and accurate. However, MFSA cannot warrant the accuracy of this information and does not necessarily endorse the positions or actions advocated on these sites.

Morally Responsible Investment

Fair Reporting in the US Press

Land Confiscations, House Demolitions and the Poverty Wall

Security and Economy

Other Useful Links
US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation The US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation is a diverse coalition working for freedom from occupation and equal rights for all by challenging U.S. policy towards the Israeli- Palestinian conflict.
World Council of Churches
World Council of Churches: Churches in the Middle East
Middle East Council of Churches
Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine & Israel

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