Fair Reporting in the US Press

Media images play a crucial role in influencing public opinion on the Middle East. For a variety of complex reasons, media reporting on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been extremely biased in favor of Israel. Critical to achieving a fair and lasting peace in the area is having fair, accurate and objective information. Several groups have been formed to watch and evaluate articles and editorials of US news media.

Media Monitors Network- Attempts to “seek the truth” and promote fairness and accuracy in news reporting on “hot topics” around the world including the Middle East. 
United Nations Information System on the Question of Palestine- Includes information on important issues related to Palestine and the United Nations, as well as the work and official UN documents.
American Arab Anti Discrimination Committee- A civil rights organization committed to promoting a more balanced U.S. Middle East policy and serving as a reliable source for the news media and educators. It provides action alerts and calls on members to act on issues needing grassroots response.
Arab American Institute- Provides information and resources especially for educators and the media on Arab Americans. They provide positive images of American Arabs to the media by noting their contributions and successes. AAI also monitors the media for negative language and profiling of American Arabs.
Churches for Middle East Peace- Provides information and action alerts on Middle East issues. Includes links to church related sites, governmental sites, and non-governmental organizations concerned with the Middle East.

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