Tours to the Middle East: Suggested Guidelines

On occasion, a local church, church organization, or group of churches plans trips for members and other friends. Such planned ventures include work camps, visits to other churches, or trips to a particular site of special importance to the denomination.

Sometimes a local congregation or church group will organize a trip to a foreign land, perhaps even to the Holy Land. When church leaders plan such a trip, they should recognize that a church-sponsored tour is different from a standard group tour. We believe that there are some important factors to keep in mind:

  • -The trip ought to provide regular worship opportunities.
  • -Community building and caring for the welfare of the individual traveler is important.
  • -Christians ought to be sensitive to the values and cultures of the people they visit.
  • -The behavior of the group and it’s individual members will give foreigners a picture of American Christianity.
  • -Instead of providing a “Been here, done that!” experience, a church-sponsored trip should enrich the faith of each traveler.
  • -People of faith in other countries are eager to meet American Christians and share their own experiences as children of God.

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