Economic justice, through supporting the rights of workers and critiquing the prevailing social order, was the primary focus of the Federation during its first several decades of the 20th century (see history highlights).  Today MFSA's work on poverty and economic justice takes several forms including:

 — providing resources to make people aware of actions they can take to promote economic justice

—  the Social Questions Bulletin which periodically contains incisive economic analysis

—  MFSA chapters working for the alleviation of poverty and promoting economic justice in their local areas.

Health Care  

MFSA Statement on Reproductive Rights

Economic Analysis 

  • NEW: I am Prophet-Driven.  This new campaign from the General Board of Church and Society highlights the importance of founding economics on moral principles–putting those at the bottom of the economic ladder at the top of the economic agenda.  You can also check out GBCS Resources on Global Poverty and Hunger.  
  • Bread for the World Bread for the World is a collective Christian voice urging our nation’s decision makers to end hunger at home and abroad. By changing policies, programs and conditions that allow hunger and poverty to persist, we provide help and opportunity far beyond the communities in which we live.
  • Highlander Center  Highlander serves as a catalyst for grassroots organizing and movement building in Appalachia and the South. They work with people fighting for justice, equality and sustainability, supporting their efforts to take collective action to shape their own destiny through popular education, participatory research, and cultural work.
  • Move the Mountatin Leadership Center  Move the Mountain Leadership Center provides transformational leadership and planning programs to align leaders and their organizations to high impact strategies that can reduce and eventually end poverty. The Circles™ Campaign was initiated by Move the Mountain to provide transformational leaders a structure to engage the community in ending poverty.

Living Wage

  • Jobs with Justice Jobs with Justice engages workers and allies in campaigns to win justice in workplaces and in communities where working families live.


  • Let Justice Roll The Let Justice Roll Living Wage Campaign is a fast-growing nonpartisan coalition of more than ninety faith, community, labor and business organizations committed to raising the minimum wage.


  • GBCS Resources on a Living Wage



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