The Progressive Voice (TPV)
(Formerly the Social Questions Bulletin or SQB)

The newsletter of the Methodist Federation for Social Action, The Progressive Voice (formerly the Social Questions Bulletin), has been published continuously since 1911.   A nearly complete archive of the newsletter can be found at both the MFSA national office in Washington, DC and at the United Methodist archives at Drew University in Madison, New Jersey.

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Catalog of past newsletters
There were no issues of The Progressive Voice in 2012

There was no winter issue published in early 2011.
There was no newsletter published between May and October of 2010. 
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January – February 2010
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Prior to 2006

March – April 2003 (Vol.93, No.2) Download the SQB MarchApril 2003 PDF (size: 207k) 

January – February 2003 (Vol. 93, No. 1) Download the SQB JanuaryFebruary 2003 PDF (size: 364 k)
  • Voices of Faith – Early Registration Extended
  • “Who Will Decide? The Looming Battle Over Doctrine in the UMC” – Rev. Scott Campbell
  • A Call for Peace, Justice, Openness and Compassion: MFSA General Conference 2004 Advocacy Agenda
  • Upcoming Conferences for Progressive Christians – WOW2003 & Justice Works
September – November 2002 (Vol. 92, No. 5) Download the SQB SeptemberNovember 2002 PDF (size: 469 k)
  • Voices of Faith Conference – Information on speakers and registration
  • “Now is the Time for the Church to be Clear…” – Bishop C. Joseph Sprague
  • “So, You Want to be a Delegate to General Conference” – Marilyn Outslay
  • “The Human Face of War” – Earl Lems
  • Practical Tips for Advocates Effective Communication with Congress
July-August 2002 (Vol. 92, No. 4) Download the SQB JulyAugust 2002 PDF (size: 231 k)
  • “Time to Cease Being Silent” – Kathryn Johnson
  • “Alternatives to War Against Iraq” – Friends Committee for National Legislation
  • “Where Do We Go From Here?” – Bishop Melvin Talbert
  • “The Delta District Sophia Circle” – Elaine Jacobsen
  • Announcement of the MFSA National Gathering in 2003
May-June 2002 (Vol. 92, No. 3) Download the SQB MayJune2002 PDF (size: 247 k)
  • “MFSA Board Speaks Out Against War and Commits to Strengthen and Expand MFSA Witness Within the UMC” – Kathryn Johnson
  • “MFSA: An Independent Voice for Justice in the UMC”
  • “Backing Up: Looking at the 'US War on Terrorism' Through a Just War Lens” – Bob Campbell
March-April 2002 (Vol. 92, No. 2) – Our apologies, no PDF available.
  • “Singing the Lords Song in the 21st Century” – Wesley White
  • “Southeast Jurisdictional MFSA Leaders Urge bishops to Take Action Against War”
  • “Reflections on the Clergywomen's Consultation” – Kathryn Johnson
  • “Some Justice Issues Are Less Easily Understood” – John A. Carr
  • “General Board of Church and Society Calls for End to Israeli Occupation of Palestinian and Arab Territories”
  • Through the Eyes of the Victims book review – Virginia Lapham
January-February 2002 (Vol. 92, No. 1) – Download the SQB JanFeb 2002 PDF
  • “The Future of the UMC: What’s At Stake For Women” – Kathryn Johnson
  • “RENEW Wants ‘Reform’ for Women’s Divison” – UM News Service
  • “Poverty and Security: Nobel Laureats Speak Out”
  • “Letter from UM Liaison to Jerusalem”
November-December 2001 (Vol. 91, No. 5) Download the SQB_NovDec2001 PDF (size: 136K)
  • “How to Lose a War” – Walden Bello
  • “Hundreds of UMs Sign Petition Opposing War”
  • “UM Bishops’ Pastoral Letter”
  • “Response to Bishops’ Letter”
  • “Clergy Alliance Announces Mission to Change the UMC”
  • “Judicial Council Rules on PNW Question”
  • “The Importance of Media in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict” – Virginia Lapham
September-October 2001 (Vol. 91, No. 4) Download the SQB_SeptOct2001 PDF (size: 92K)
  • “Forgive Us All: Reflections on the Attacks in New York City and Washington, DC” – Kathryn Johnson
  • “MFSA Network Gathers at RMN Convocation”
  • “UMOC Charts Course for the Future”
  • “UMC Called to Account on ‘Igniting Ministries’ Campaign”
  • “Clergy Alliance Formed”

June-August 2001
(Vol. 91, No. 3) Download the SQB_JuneAug2001 PDF (size: 104K)
  • Editorial: “God Forgive Us” – Kathryn Johnson
  • “A Handful of Wet Earth” – Buff Whitman-Bradley
  • “Elimination of Poverty” Social Action News
  • MFSA Annual Conference Highlights – Amy Stapleton
  • “OXBOW becomes ‘Protestant Justice Action’”
  • “Reflections on Rage and Rebuilding” – Rev. Gilbert Caldwell
  • “MFSA Welcomes New Field Organizer”
  • “Visit to the Seat of Corporate Power” – Kathryn Johnson
  • “Aches as I Pray” – Rev. Alex Awad, Palestinian Missionary, Bethlehem Bible College
  • “Religious Right Achieves Top Access at White House”
  • “UM Bishops Oppose National Missile Defense”

January-March 2001 (Vol. 91, No. 1)
Download the SQB_JanMar2001 no pictures PDF
  • “The Role of the State, The Role of the Church”
  • “MFSA Board of Directors Looks to the Future”
  • “Speak Up on Budget Priorities”
  • “Priority Action Guide” introduced

October-December 2000
(Vol. 90. No. 5)
  • “OXBOW Examines State of Mainline Denominations”
  • “MENUM calls for a Just Resolution of Middle East Conflict”
  • “An Urgent Statement to the Israeli Public”

August-September 2000 (Vol. 90, No. 4)
“Camp David’s Unspoken Bottom Line: The Disparity of Power” – by Phyllis
  • Bennis, Institute for Policy Studies
  • “The Witness of MFSA: Annual Conference Actions”

June-July 2000
(Vol. 90, No. 3)
  • Editorial: “At Stake: The Character of the UMC” – Kathryn Johnson
  • Ministry of Advocacy: “Positive/Negative Legislative Action at General Conference”
  • “The Witness of AMAR” at General Conference
  • “Dr. Joseph Lowery: A Prophet in our Time” – Rev. Gilbert Caldwell
  • A Pastoral Letter from Cleveland – from Bishop Joseph Sprague

April-May 2000
(Vol. 90, No. 2)
  • Editorial: “See How They Love” – Kathryn Johnson
  • “Historic Declaration Recognizes the Interconnectedness of the Sins of Racism and Heterosexism” – call to accountability entitled United Methodists of Color for a Fully Inclusive Church
  • “Mildred Hutchinson: A Remarkable Life” – Kathryn Johnson

January-March 2000
(Vol. 90, No. 1)
  • “The Methodist Federation for Social Action: Theological Affirmaton” – MFSA BOD
  • “General Conference Update"
  • “Bishop Tuell Concludes UM Stance on Homosexuality is Wrong”
  • “Let My People In” Jeanne Knepper (spokesperson for Affirmation)
  • “First International Welcoming Congregation Event Set for 2000”

November-December 1999
(Vol. 89, No. 6)
  • “Theological Diversity and Scriptural Authority” David Lull
  • “Jimmy Creech Has Ministerial Orders Removed” – a word from Jimmy Creech
  • Social Action News: “School of the Americas”

September-October 1999 (Vol. 89, No.5)
  • Editorial: “Fighting Racism” – Kathryn Johnson
  • “This is a Complex and Convoluted Time for ‘People of Color’ in Church and Society” – Rev. Gilbert Caldwell
  • “MFSA Board Sets Priorities for GC 2000”
  • “UMC on Trial”


July-August 1999 (Vol. 89, No. 4)

  • “Summer Reflections” by MFSA Executive Director

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