Archived E-Newsletters

December 18, 2009  More on the troop surge in Afghanistan; Immigration reform introduced in House; Gaza: one year later; NRCAT: Ending torture, closing Guantanamo; Daily health care updates; Merry Christmas from MFSA

December 4, 2009  Troop surge in Afghanistan, Health care update, Motorola Israel, CMEP Advent resource, GBCS Young Clergy Capitol Hill Leadership Forum

November 20, 2009  OnFire returns from the border, RCRC and reproductive freedom, How the House health care bill measures up, BMCR (Black Methodists for Church Renewal) Bible

October 22, 2009  NRCAT Advent resource, Wisconsin MFSA Advent resource, Mobilize for health care reform on Oct. 28, Immigration Holiday Postcard Drive, Change not Chains: Jubilee USA, MFSA Calendar update, Sparks: ACLU youth activist scholarship

October 5, 2009  Children's health care, Gaza Freedom March, NCADP: Shouting from the Rooftops, Bread for the World Sunday, Wage Theft, Sparks

September 9, 2009 Health care, GROWTH Act, Sabeel North America Conference, IFW, Convo, Sparks

August 26, 2009    MFSA Program Council meeting, OnFire BorderLinks trip, health care and immigration, MFSA signs open letter on reproductive choice in health care reform, tobacco regulation, 9 for 1 Allies, Sparks

August 10, 2009
Health Care – Take Action Now;  Enough is Enough, America's Voice Petition to the Department of Homeland Security; Human Rights Campaign to Repeal DOMA; End Torture, ACLU calls for Independent Prosecutor to investigate torture; Sign-up now for Borderlinks Trip (October 28-31) 

July 27, 2009
1010 Health Care Challenge, 10 letters to end torture; Wage Theft in America; Remove death penalty amendment to Matthew Shepard Act; Soldiers of Conscience receives Emmy nomination; Moved by Faith–A Call for Peace in Sudan

July 13, 2009
Free Gaza; Rethink Afghanistan; Ending indefinite detention; American Clean Energy and Security Act; Stop the spread of E-verify; Think Outside the Bomb

June 29, 2009
Violence in Iran; OnFire trip with BorderLinks; UMNS: Healing Health Care; Torture Awareness Month; Church Within a Church gathering

June 15, 2009
Iraq; War spending; anti-torture; clean energy; government accountability

June 2, 2009
UM Judicial Council Ruling on Global Church Amendments; Jubilee & INF Bill; Stop the Settlements; RMN Convocation; Torture Awareness Month

May 18, 2009
MFSA Annual Conference Resources; No Arms for Israel; Foreign Assistance Reform Act; Religious Witness Against Torture

May 5, 2009
Anti-Torture Actions; Matthew Shepard Act; US Campaign Billboards; Health Care Reform; Fair Trade Day

April 23, 2009
MFSA Resource on Amendments; LGBT Rights in Iowa: Motorola Boycott and Divestment; Christian Peace Witness for Iraq; Bread for the World

April 6, 2009
LGBT Rights in Iowa; Boycott and Divestment; Employee Free Choice Act; Dream Act;

March 24, 2009
Earth Day Issue

March 10, 2009
Immigration Issue

February 24, 2009
Immigration; Human Trafficking; No Bases Conference; Boycott and Divestment; Christian Peace Witness for Iraq

February 9, 2009
Valentines' Sustainability and Workers' Rights; Global Debt Relief; Living Wage Campaign: Family Planning; Gaza Update

January 27, 2009
Gaza; Guantanamo; Immigrant and Refugee Rights

January 7, 2009
Update on the crisis situation in Gaza

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