Social Justice Prayer Network

July 2014


The Children

Lord, we pray for the children.

Children who travel dangerous paths alone to seek safety.

Children who are stolen from their schools.

Children who are handed weapons and sent to war.

Children who are shot in their classrooms.

Children who are harmed by those they trust.


Lord, we pray for the children.

Children who don't have enough to eat.

Children who don't have clean water.

Children who don't have access to doctors and medicine.

Children who can't go to school.

Children who can't be children because they have to take care of younger siblings or their own parents.


Lord, we pray for the children.

Children who have too much.

Children who don't understand the value of food, clean water, and shelter.

Children who don't learn to care about others.

Children who have rooms full of toys but are bored.

Children who are never satisfied.


Lord, we pray for the adults.

Adults who harm children.

Adults who coddle children.

Adults who abandon children.

Adults who wish they had resources for their children.

Adults who take care of the children.


Lord, we are all your children.

Hear our prayers.

Change our hearts.

Open our eyes.

Guide our thoughts and actions.

Lead us to make a difference.

For your children.



July's Prayer is written by Sarah Lowther Hensley, a writer living in Fairmont, WV with her husband, son, and Tess the rescue pup. An alumna of WV Wesleyan and Middlebury College, she is a 1998 graduate of Leadership West Virginia. Sarah blogs at and at She provides volunteer communications support to the Mon Valley District of the United Methodist Church.






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