Social Justice Prayer Network

January 2014


In these winter days, Holy One,

we yearn for your light.


In these long, unending nights,

we seek your hope.


Somewhere a mother is wondering if her unemployment check and her food stamps will be voted on by men in suits in a city far, far away.


Somewhere a father is wondering why a man shot his child at the mall.


Somewhere water is flowing with the smell of licorice and skin peeling from chemical burns.


Somewhere the winds blow, but stop at a wall meant to separate one tribe from another.


In these days between light and Lent,

hold us accountable,

help us love more fully,

remove the fog of our everyday lives,

and journey with us toward peace with justice.


Now, and always,

Disciples in your name,







January's prayer is written by Chett Pritchett, executive director of the Methodist Federation for Social Action. Chett is a graduate of West Virginia Wesleyan College, Wesley Theological Seminary, and is a member at Dumbarton United Methodist Church in Washington, DC.

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