Let Justice Roll Living Wage Campaign

National Faith Leaders Say Lift Economy by Raising Minimum Wage

The leaders of 15 denominations and national faith organizations, including Bishop Gregory Palmer, president of the UMC’s Council of Bishops, are among the inaugural signers of Let Justice Roll’s letter in support of a $10 federal minimum wage in 2010. Four hundred faith leaders from all 50 states have endorsed the “$10 in 2010” campaign and more are signing on every day.

The Rev. Dr. Sharon E. Watkins, General Minister and President of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), signed the letter, saying, "National wage policies are moral documents that express the values of our country. A minimum wage closer to a living wage better reflects our values." Most of the 27 states with minimum wages higher than the federal level have unemployment rates that are lower than the federal level.

Let Justice Roll is currently organizing to raise state and local minimum wages in Georgia, Tennessee, New Jersey and Kansas. Recently, Let Justice Roll helped workers in Kansas City, KS, more than double their pay from the lowest-in-the-US state minimum of $2.65 an hour. And Let Justice Roll is looking ahead to new campaigns in the South, where so many workers suffer the hardship of poverty wages.

Let Justice Roll, a national faith-community coalition, planned Living Wage events for the Martin Luther King holiday weekend and in late January in support of state and local living wage campaigns. It would take about $10 to match the buying power of the 1968 minimum wage. "It is immoral that the minimum wage is worth less now than in 1968, the year Dr. Martin Luther King was killed while fighting for living wages for sanitation workers," said the Rev. Steve Copley, chair of Let Justice Roll and a member of MFSA. You can read the full text of the $10 in 2010 letter on the Let Justice Roll website. Add your signature to the document as a religious leader or as a concerned member of the general public.

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