Advocacy Alert Archive:

June 2009
Advocate for Reform of the International Monetary Fund (IMF)
Stop Settlement Expansion
Help Christian Peacemaker Teams Improve Conditions in Iraqi Refugee Camp
No More Money for Wars
Support the American Clean Energy Security Act

May 2009
No Arms for Israel
Support the Foreign Assistance Reform Act
Join the Religious Public Witness Against Torture
Take a Stand Against Torture with NRCAT and GBCS 
Contact your Senators in support of the Matthew Shepard Act
Protest Removal of Billboards in Alburquerque
Support UMCOR Fair Trade Day

April 2009
Take Action to Protect Iowa Victory
Send Bread to the Christian Peace Witness for Iraq
Boycott Motorola with the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation
Support the Employee Free Choice Act
Support the DREAM Act

March 2009
Respond to Bishops' "In Defense of Creation" Survey
Support the Child Citizen Protection Act
Call for humane, comprehensive immigration reform
Hold Neighbor-to-neighbor meetings: April 6-17

February 2009
Promote Valentine's Day Sustainability
End Global Poverty: What's on Your Heart?
Support the Let Justice Roll Living Wage Campaign
Promote Economic Recovery, Support Family Planning
Watch the CBS Report on the West Bank

January 2009
Sign a Petition Encouraging Continuing Action Against Torture

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