There are seven annual conferences in the state of Texas.  Currently, there are MFSA chapters in the Southwest and Central Texas Annual Conference.  


Southwest Texas Chapter 

Chapter Contact Information
Deanna Henry, President – Email
Anne Mund, Program Council Representative – Email

For more information about the Southwest Texas Chapter of MFSA visit their website at: http://swtmfsa.wordpress.com/ 

 Central Texas Chapter

Welcome to the Central Texas chapter of MFSA.  We are passionate about putting our faith into action.  As a chapter our emphasis and actions reflect the national priorities of MFSA: peace, poverty, people’s rights and progressive initiatives though we also work on issues specific to our local communities, state and annual conference. 

Chapter Contact Information
Milton Jordan, Convener – Email


Organizing in other areas in Texas

We still need your help in organizing and uniting other justice seeking United Methodists in the other conferences in Texas.

Are you interested in starting a chapter or searching for others in your area who are committed to putting their faith into action? If so contact the MFSA Headquarters, where you can find ways to connect with others locally and support efforts for organizing a chapter.

National Office: WE'VE MOVED! Reach us at our new home:
23 East Adams Avenue, Detroit, MI 48226 * tel: 313.965.5422 ext. 121 *email: mfsa@mfsaweb.org