Program Council

The Program Council connects grasssroots MFSAers with one another and with the national leadership. Consisting of one representative from each MFSA chapter the Program Council meets once a year for the following purposes:

     – hearing about the work and activities of other members and chapters
     – having speakers and conducting workshops
     – sharing information across chapter lines
     – conducting leadership training receiving
     – updates from the Board of Directors and national staff
     – resourcing jurisdictional events and gatherings of the full MFSA membership
     – proposing strategies for action
     – advising the national staff and MFSA Board of Directors

Program Council meetings are open to all MFSA members and people are encouraged to come to be inspired by the work of others across the county! 
Among the duties of the Program Council is the election of five members of the MFSA Board of Directors, one from each jurisdiction. Meetings of the Program Council occur once a year, usually in October. 
Laddie Perez-Galang and Rowland Curry currently co-convene the Program Council. 
To learn more about the Program Council you can download a copy of the Oct-Dec. 2008 SQB



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