Rally for Moral Action on Climate Change

As Pope Francis comes to the United States, one of his planned visits will be with the US Congress to address them on the topic of Climate Change. Secular and faith-based organizations will be rallying on the National Mall on Thursday, September 24 from 7:30am-1:00pm to show support for the Pope's call to Congress and hold him accountable to his call for an inclusive dialogue about climate justice. From MFSA's perspective of intersectional organizing, this means considering how racism, reproductive choice,health, and justice, economic insecurity, and colonialism and war are part of the conversation for climate justice.
MFSA invites you to be a part of this rally with us.
Meet at the MFSA office at 212 East Capitol Street NE at 8:00am and we will go together to the National Mall. For those unable to make it to the initial stepping off point, we can't guarantee where we will be once we get to the Mall. We will use social media to post our location. Our plan is to have a strong United Methodist gathering early, recognizing many will need to leave throughout the day.
National Office: WE'VE MOVED! Reach us at our new home:
23 East Adams Avenue, Detroit, MI 48226 * tel: 313.965.5422 ext. 121 *email: mfsa@mfsaweb.org