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Methodist Federation for Social Action

212 East Capitol Street, N.E.
Washington D.C. 20003

Phone: 202-546-8806
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Faith Action Networks

Reproductive Health & Justice 

This Faith Action Network is a way for United Methodist advocates for reproductive health, choice and justice to connect, stay informed and organize for change within our denomination and at local, state and national levels.


Ways to get involved:

  1. As a MFSA member or advocate, educate yourself on our stance on women’s reproductive health.

  2. Invite friends and advocates to join the network and stay informed here:

  3. Consider making a gift to the Methodist Federation for Social Action to help us fuel this movement:

  4. Contact Irene DeMaris to get more involved at


Become a Justice-Seeking Congregation

Become a Justice-Seeking Congregation Today! 


  • Join together with other Justice Seeking Congregations engaging in calling for sacred change!
  • Claim boldly the hope of a New Creation
  • Connect with other activist congregations
  • Display a mounted MFSA plumb line
  • Access tools for education and action
  • Share liberation and justice liturgy


  • Adopt congregational Covenant
  • Make annual membership gift (suggested minimum: $200)
  • Hold yearly MFSA Sunday with special offering
  • Share news of justice work
National Office: WE'VE MOVED! Reach us at our new home:
23 East Adams Avenue, Detroit, MI 48226 * tel: 313.965.5422 ext. 121 *email: